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Starch Levels in Shirts

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Starch Levels in Shirts

Few consumers understand the reasons why starch feel varies from fabric to fabric.  I will try to explain below.

Starch is a rinse additive.   This means that when your shirts are processed, the starch is immersed into the load with the rinse water.  I have heard complaints over the years, “this shirt doesn’t have enough, but these two are fine.”  Even though the shirts were cleaned in the very same load, fabrics vary and some will retain starch and some will not. We have also had requests from customers to use heavy starch on the collars and cuffs and none on the rest.  This is impossible since starch is contained in the rinse.

Every fabric holds starch differently.  Therefore, if you like a “crispy” feel, be sure the fabric you are purchasing allows for that.  My recommendation is to go with the 100% Cotton broadcloth.  Cotton holds on to starch for a clean crisp look.  If you want to look professional, but don’t like the way starch feels, the 60/40 poly blend is the shirt for you. We can still starch them for you, they just won’t feel as “hard.”

The next time you are faced with the feeling that the shirt doesn’t feel like it has enough starch, take a peek at the tag.  Each customer has their own preference.  We do our best to accommodate, but keep in mind, fabric is the ticket!

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