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Insect Damage

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It is always smart to get your winter clothes, especially wools, cleaned for summer storage. The summer months are when insects, especially moths, are most active, eating away at leftover food, beverages, and perspiration stains. The damage won’t show up until next winter when you have your clothes dry cleaned. If you have questions, drop us an email.

Invest in your clothing

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Casual wear is as much of an investment as more traditional attire. Professional care will keep your garments like new for a lot longer! Check out our “Coupon” page of our website.

Decorative Trims

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Some buttons, beads or sequins are made of polystyrene, which softens or melts on exposure to dry cleaning solvent. Beads and sequins may be covered with a thin coating of color, which may come off during wear or cleaning. According to the Federal Trade Commission care label rule, trims must be able to withstand the recommended care process, therefore, if there is a problem you should return the garment to the retailer.


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We hope everyone had a nice weekend! This summer while you are enjoying grilling and chilling among family and friends, don’t let your spilled bar-b-que get the best of you! Let us help with those stubborn food stains!


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Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Moore, OK and the volunteers that are giving their time to help. We are donating 10% of our sales today.

Hair Products

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Hair products can damage clothes. Many contain oxidizing agents that may not appear on the garment until the heat of professional cleaning and finishing is applied. Suggestion – Use hair products prior to dressing.

Insects Damage Clothes

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Quick reminder: Clothes that are stored for the summer with food, beverage or perspiration left on them could be subject to insect damage. Dry clean and wash garments frequently and ALWAYS clean just before prolonged storage. If possible, keep those wool items in tight containers or sealed garment bags.

Dye Fading from Light

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#355 – Dye Fading from Light
Sometimes mysterious areas of color loss appear on clothes that are exposed for a period of time to
the sun or artificial light, after dry cleaning or washing. Some fabric dyes are more sensitive to light
than others, but all are much more sensitive to light if damp with moisture, such as perspiration, liquid
spillage and rain showers. Direct and indirect light sources contain invisible light spectrums, such as
ultra-violet rays, that can alter the chemical structure of dyes. Manufacturers must select durable dyes
appropriate for expected conditions of normal use and storage. Fabrics well into or past their expected
life cycle will eventually exhibit some normal light fading.

Hanger Recycling Program

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Goal set for 30 Million Hangers for 2013

DLI’s Hanger Recycling Program is now in its second year.  Please help us by returning your hangers.  We have caddie’s available to make this easier.  Thank you for helping to save our earth!


Making Your Clothes Last Longer

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Making Your Clothes Last Longer

You have probably completed your back-to-school shopping for the kids and may be amazed how much they have grown in the last few months. While relatives and friends may be pleased with welcoming those outgrown clothes into their homes, you may be staring into your closet thinking, how can I make my wardrobe last just a bit longer?

Follow these suggestions for proper clothing care:

  • Do not hang wet or moist garments in the closet.
  • Mend all rips and tears immediately, especially before the garment is subjected to a cleaning process.
  • Do not store dirty clothing from one season to the next.
  • Treat and remove all stains as soon as possible after spillage has occurred.
  • Clean clothes frequently. Soiled clothes invite insects.
  • Follow the care instructions and do not remove care labels.
  • Carefully inspect garments after each wearing to determine the need for repairs or cleaning.
  • Do not allow perfumes, hair spray, or lotions to come in contact with wearing apparel, as the alcohol contained therein may cause color loss.
  • Do not store or allow garments to be in prolonged or direct contact with artificial or direct light.



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