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Separating Fabric

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The problem arises when the material bonded to the shell fabric to add body to the garment begins to separate from normal wear and care.


Many garments have a separate fabric fused to the inside in some areas to give support, maintain shape, and add body. When this interfacing material separates from the shell fabric or shrinks, the garment appears puckered or blistered.


Interfacing separation can be caused by a number of deficiencies in manufacturing. It could be due to insuffi- cient time, temperature, or pressure used in the fusing process. Another reason is that not all fusible materials

Beverage and Yellow Stains

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These stains originate from accidental contact with soft drinks, tea, coffee, juices, beer, wine, fruits, candy, or any other foods or beverages that contain sugarS.  After any moisture evaporates from the substances only an invisible residue remains. Over a period of time in storage this residue will attract oxygen from the air and oxidize, eventually becoming yellowish and notice- able. This type of staining is often referred to as “invisible stains.” Since these stains are basically water soluble, they are not readily removed by dry cleaning. Subsequently, the heat of tumble drying and/or steam pressing after dry cleaning accelerates oxidation of the residue and causes the stains to become much more visible.

Yarn Slippage

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Q: Upon delivery of her finished goods, a customer noticed a shifting and distortion of the yarns appearing as thin areas in the underarm of her blouse. What could have caused this?

A: This condition is known as yarn slippage, which is not a breakage of the yarns but an actual shifting or slipping of the yarns. The damage originates from local stress and strain on the fabric during wear. Yarns that have been disturbed from conditions of wear alone can be further aggravated from the normal agitation of a cleaning process. Woven fabrics should be adequately supported by the manufacturer to withstand the normal stress and strain of wear without allowing any yarn slippage or distortion. If the item has reached its life expectancy, then this type of damage can be reasonably expected.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month . . . .

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October . . . Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of all Dry Cleaning Sales will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help find a cure! Please come support this cause. As always, we appreciate your business!

Hiram Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

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Hiram celebrated 2 years with us on September 13th. He is dedicated, dependable and a pure joy to have on our staff! We frequently receive notes and comments regarding his Excellent Customer Service!! Thank you for your service Hiram!!

Paul Celebrates 4 Years!

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Paul celebrates four years with our team today! What a lucky day that was when he came in to apply! Thank you for your dedication . . . we appreciate all you do!!!Paul 2013

What is dry cleaning?

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Dry cleaning is a wet process that is water free. It is favored because it does not harm the fabric or construction of the garment. Grease and oil based stains are easily removed. Dry cleaning will increase the life of your garments. It makes it easier for us if you point out the stains and the nature of the stain and we will do our best to remove it.

Keep Your Clothes Looking New!

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Keep your clothes looking new . . .no reason to avoid dry cleaning at our prices! Grab a coupon and come on in. . . .

In Memory of Granite Mountain Hotshots

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In memory of Granite Mountain Hotshots . . we will donate 10% of every dollar you spend today to 100 Club AZ. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families.

Polo Shirts vs. Dress Shirts

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For some, golf shirts are more valuable than dress shirts. We can keep them looking like new! See our coupon page on the website!